Beard Care

Feed the Beard! Your daily diet plays an integral part to how impressive your beard is growing and managed. It's not beard food but proper nutrition for healthy skin contributing to a healthy canvas for beard hair follicles.

Hydrate. The #1 important part of a beardsman's day! Drink plenty of water. Hydration is key. 1 gallon a day, which sounds like a lot but isn't really, will not only hydrate your beard from the inside out but benefit your body in so many other ways as we all know. So why not?!

Beard Food. What you feed your body of course assists in benefiting it in different ways. Just as you drink milk for great bone health or eat carrots for good vision the beard has foods that it loves. Here are some that will definitely provide the proper beard nourishment: Eggs, Potatoes, Oranges, Nuts (especially Brazil nuts), Raisins, Beef, Fish, Leafy Greens, Gelatin, Bananas, Sorghum, Olive oil, and even Coffee. (If I could wrap this all up in a tasty smoothie I would!)

    Exercise. In addition, regular visits to the gym or local track will not only get your heart rate up, but blood flowing within your body. During cardio exercise, you will be lowering your stress levels which in turn, will help to spur on additional hair growth be it your head or beard. You will also be producing additional testosterone which will further help in the growth of your androgenic hair.

    Supplements. There are many beard company branded multivitamin supplements that are awesome for your beard but I find if you at least stick to the basics, you're good!  Oh and don't fall for any product that promotes a faster growing beard. This doesn't exist. Anything that will help your beard will only help its health, which is crucial for less breakage, brittleness etc.

    Biotin! If you don't like the natural "beard food" choices go for the natural stroll down the pharmacy aisle to add biotin to your daily regime. This is not a miracle vitamin to grow a Gandalf in a month but in time will assist your beard with thickness and health.

    Coconut oil pills! Coconut Oil has higher levels of healthy, saturated fats which can increase metabolism, increase energy, and improve overall hair health! Aside from this it also promotes good cholesterol, can lower blood pressure, and boost energy among other benefits!

    Sleep. Sleep is essential for optimal overall health. It can be beneficial for beard growth too. The testosterone in your system (which is significant for beard growth) is primarily released during sleep. Not getting enough rest, sleep apnea, and fragmented sleep can all adversely affect this process. Get your Z's!




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