Razortoss Beard Company
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Hello and first of all thank you for the interest in Razortoss.
I'm Alan and here's a bit about the company.
I'm a 51 year old beard enthusiast in Northern Ontario. I have been in the consumer-made wine industry for 30 years and own a 'ferment on premise' (homebrew shop) business where wine and beer making and genuine customer service is a constant part of my daily routine. Attention to detail and quality control, as you'd expect, is imperative to resulting in a fine product and I could not make beard care products without instilling the same approach. 
As much as I wish I had some crazy awesome backstory to how Razortoss came to be, as many small businesses are born it started with a passion. Which became an obsession. Then through a lengthy period of making products for friends, friends of friends etc. I couldn't ignore the demand for taking it to another level and branding it for others to enjoy. I also couldn't handle hearing that people were shaving their beards either out of pure frustration from the health of their beard (itchiness, brittle, flakes...) or simply because the goopy slimy big box brand they picked up somewhere was just not what they thought beard care should be. Fortunately there are actually tons of fantastic beard care companies out there and I am just happy, and proud, for Razortoss to be a fish in that pond.

Small batch
It's all about control and freshness. The small batch aspect allows me to, first of all, focus on producing the products that are in demand or more popular. Also restocking my base ingredients as I need them which in turn reflects on the shelf life of the products, both before and after opening. I also continue to feed off of the response of customers and quickly tweaking a certain product is always more cost efficient than tossing a case of prepackaged products and starting over. And honestly sometimes the batches are as small as one order, made up specifically for the day of.

Natural and organic ingredients are very delicate and susceptible to a variety of detrimental conditions. The main one being UV light. When you protect the ingredients from the harmful UV rays, you are extending the shelf life of the carrier oils, essential oils and maintaining their antioxidant properties. So the black theme was a no brainer. Plus black is just cool.

I will only use the finest quality ingredients available and to me it only makes sense. I won't substitute or settle. I want to make what I know works. All carefully chosen carrier oils used are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, antibacterial and anti-fungicidal properties. Along with the hair benefits these provide, the blended oils help keep the skin beneath the beard moisturized and hydrated. After all, looking after your skin is essential in facilitating healthy hair growth.
I personally stand behind every product with a 100% money back guarantee, if you aren’t happy with your purchase I will make it right or refund you completely. 

Alan McGowan
Razortoss Beard Co.
Call, text, or email with any questions or comments. 705-495-7152 info@razortoss.com

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