Washing your beard on a regular basis is a no brainer. Simply using hair shampoo, soap or body wash will be too aggressive and may cause your beard to go brittle by stripping it, and the skin underneath, too much. Razortoss All Natural Beard Wash and Conditioner is a gentle, beard specific, go-to in the shower for a healthy beard. Both contain a refreshing scent of Tea Tree and Peppermint.

The Wash - A little goes a long way. A quarter sized amount in your palm is sufficient. This wash being natural and free of sulphates and other lathering chemicals won't lather up like crazy but believe me it's working. If you need to see lather, and don't mind wasting some, repeat the wash. Using the Beard Wash once a week is usually all that is needed. More often if you: have a dirty dusty job environment, sweat a lot during the day or worked out etc. 

The Conditioner - Follows the Wash, as expected, to soften and condition. Also used mid-week or in between wash days for a "Co-Wash" (conditioner only wash) to rinse and maintain beard softness and shine.



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